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Action league - the right game for everyone who like a fast and action paced game! For the first time: play the game yourself in 3D on the field - either grass or ice! Play action league and show your opponent what you got!
The advanced engine makes it possible to play action league on virtually any PC. The coolest point: animated in 3D, you are in the middle of it all, together with your team! Play against real opponents in real-time or against an AI (the computer).
The game is in your hands. You take control of every move - simply through the keyboard. Either in the soccer or icehockey stadium - you control the passes from man to man and experience a whole different dimension.
Action league has leagues for professionals, amateurs and rookies; this is your chance! Play on offense or defense and keep an overview of the game situation - simply through the change of your camera perspective! Make tactical decisions for optimal passes - and proof yourself as a goalie!
Fast and action-paced game situations make actionleague a major milestone of browsergames!

No longer available!

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