AirlineSim to launch game world featuring visual seating editor

Among other updates and improvements, the new feature will roll out for the first time on November 26th 2013 when the new game world called “Aspern” goes online.

The airline world is in constant flux. Companies are forced to continuously adjust their product to remain competitive in the fight over passengers. In recent years, this has caused a wave of cabin refurbishments. As a consequence, today’s passengers can choose from great range of seat types, especially in the higher classes.


Soon, the online airline simulation game AirlineSim will allow to re-enact the strategic decisions concerning the pros and cons of certain seats and their arrangement even more realistically than before. This is because the new seating tool is visual: The space required for certain seat types now becomes immediately obvious. A plus in comfort can be traded for an additional seat per row. Extra space can be used to increase set pitch. Typical set-ups like placing first class into the bow and business class on the upper deck - given your aircraft has multiple decks - are possible. This way, every player can design highly individual seating configurations. Whether they will stand the competition of hundreds of other players, the market will decide.


For over 12 years, AirlineSim has been the only browser-based aviation business simulation game of its kind. Players can build their dream airline online. To do so, around 300 aircraft types and over 4000 airports around the globe are at their disposal. A notable strength of the game is its sophisticated route and scheduling feature which allows players to design complex flight networks employing their own flights and those of partners. Beyond this, many more functions required by any airline manager are available: on-board service, aircraft maintenance, staff management, a large amount of statistics and much more.

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