Gilfor's Tales invites all readers to beta test

Award winning studio sodigital, the creator of Arthic, is happy to invite all readers to join the beta test for their latest fantasy MMORPG Gilfor's Tales.

Gilfor's Tales is an MMORPG game completely available through your web browser. The whole game is made in Flash 9 containing realtime rendered 3D graphics. The action takes place in fantasy world in which the player is able to take part in over 100 single or multiplayer quests. Every player has the chance to choose one of seven unique characters and compete against other real players and tons of NPCs.

The storyline has specially been written by the famous Polish writer ukasz Orbitowski.

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  • Sneak Preview: "We spared no effort!"

    (12/08/2008) The award winning studio sodigital, creator of Arthic, will soon launch a beta-version of its latest game: Gilfor?s Tales. It will attract players with an interesting plot, photo-realism of interactive three-dimensional characters and a fantasy world rich in magic and details. We have had the chance to take a look at the game beforehand. More ...


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