Kapilands is going bananas – First contest started in Realm 2

The first trading contest on Kapilands' second server offers the perfect opportunity for new players to rise from rags to riches.

Only three months after its official launch, close to 35.000 eager traders have already started up their own business empire in Realm 2 of the prize-winning economy simulation Kapilands.

Kapilands Secretary

With more than 100 different products to choose from and 40 different stores and productions facilities, Kapilands offers the ideal playing ground for budding businessman and women to prove their abilities in heading a multinational company.

With the start of Realm 2’s first trading contest, new players now have the perfect opportunity to score, lay the foundations to their own future empire and get to know their fellow players.

All you’ll have to do is go completely bananas, as in this contest, everything revolves around the delicious exotic fruit. Construct your first plantation and then start growing your orchards. Would you rather make some money or win some of the prestigious medals and contest certificates?

Kapilands Main

The choice is yours: Offer your fruits on the market and sell them to larger companies or send them straight to the company contest, to compete with your fellow players. Contests aren’t just a perfect way to start up your own company, but allow new players to get to know the lively player community.

A short visit to the game board just one click away via the game’s main menu doesn’t just offer another way of trading by placing offers on the game board, but allows players to get to know each other better, pose questions and even become future business partners.

Gone bananas yet? Then visit and start producing!

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    Come in the world of Kapilands and become your own boss. This game is all about:BuildingBuild your own empire out of 40 different buildings. ...


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