New Features for Pirates Glory

Pirates Glory has a bunch of new features: Nation controlled ports, Missions, Change Nationality ability, Nationality downgrade to piracy. Discover them now!

Pirates Glory has now a new feature: Missions!

Players will be able now to speak to the Governor of each port and undertake special missions!

One of the first missions available has to do with the player nationality. Governors will give you a list of targets which you will have to beat. If you are succesful, you will become a citizen of the nation you chose.

Nationalities can also be lost if you attack other players of same nationality as you. If you overdo such assaults, you will end up as a pirate.

Nationality affects many aspects of the game. For example, every port is controled by a nation. This is decided by the total influence of players on each port. In ports controled by your nation it is easier for example to hire crew for your ship.

Join the Conquest for the 7 seas now and carry the word of your nation across them!

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