"My favorite parts are the battles..."

"My favorite parts are the battles..."

Alexander Dimitrov, Lead Developer at XS Software is proud of the tactical features included in the battle ordering system of his baby KhanWars. The game is all about experience and good planning and more than 20,000 players are already enjoying it after only a month of internationalization - numbers are growing steadily...

Galaxy-News: Please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us about your position within the team.

Alexander: Hello, my name is Alexander Dimitrov and I am a Lead Developer at KhanWars. There are two more developers working on this game right now, our Lead Designer George Balinov and a talented artist Stanimir Bikovski.

Galaxy-News: Please give a brief description of Khan Wars and tell us when and why you started working for it?

Alexander: is a very complex game. The game plot has many mathematical laws, which implementation in code was very interesting to the whole team. We managed to create a whole virtual world, with laws which make the gameplay so interesting. I started working on it a couple of months ago when the game was already in pre-final phase. We managed to fix some major bugs before going international. Now my aim is to maintain the game interesting by balancing the 7 different nations in the game and implementing new game features.

Galaxy-News: How has the scene developed since you started working on the game and what influences did web 2.0 have on your game?

Alexander: Here at XS-Software we try to maintain a certain organization and interface of our games (You can take a look at or We are trying to get the best things of Web 2.0 standarts by mixing them with some traditional Web rules and, of course, some organization works which have proved successful for MMO Games.

Galaxy-News: What makes Khan Wars better than other web games?

Alexander: I don’t wanna say that KhanWars is better then other games (even though I think so ;-) ), I think that our players have the right to rate the game. I like the fact that the virtual world in KhanWars is so realistic and my favorite parts are the battles. I haven’t played another webgame, which allows you to assign battle orders to your army before you enter a battle versus another player. There are many things which you have to keep in mind when heading for the battle field. For the peaceful players there is always a way to achieve a win by using their political skills. Maybe these elements make the game interesting and attracting, just like every online strategy game, but more complex.

Galaxy-News: How much time does a player have to spend within your game on an average day to stay on top?

Alexander: I am not sure if I can answer this question. It depends, you can 15-20 hours per day, but if your actions are not planned good, a most experienced player who spends 5-6 hours a day can easily beat you.

Galaxy-News: How many people are currently playing and what are your future plans for new features and yourself?

Alexander: After we went international last month, there are currently 2 game worlds, each with ~10 000 active players from all over the world. We want to make sure that the game is good balanced and after that we intend to offer more languages and probably expand the game worlds. If our players like the game and it grows, we will do everything we can to keep it interesting!

Galaxy-News: How did the game evolve in the last time and what's the communities' influence on future development plans?

Alexander: The game has been online more than 2 years, but we were not promoting it, because we wanted to fix every problem, balance each nation, add a variety of gameplay elements, before we can offer the players a complete medieval online game. I think that our team has done a good job during this period of evolution, as you said.

Galaxy-News: Thanks a lot for your time. This is space for additional comments and to say good bye to our readers. Bye and good luck!

Alexander: Try our game and share your impression with us. Bye and good luck!

Check out our new Khan Wars group for further discussions with the developer or other players regarding the game!

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