Search for an Art Star contest extended!

Urban Rivals, the world?s leading online trading card game has announced a 1-month extension to their search for Art Star contest. The closing date for entries will now be Monday June 30th 2008.

May 15th 2008, Boostr, the Company behind Urban Rivals announced today their ‘Search for an Art Star’ contest will be extended for another month. The decision was taken due to the level of interest shown at the recent International Comic Expo in Bristol, England.

Nick Witcher who represents the English website for Urban Rivals commented “We had a stand at the International Comic Expo and had a lot of interest from artists from all over the world. We

thought it would be fair to extend the contest and give everyone a bit more time to hone their designs”.

The contest will see two freelance design contracts handed out to the winning artists in the USA and Great Britain, Boostr will announce the winners by July 31st 2008.

Further details for the Art Star contest can be found on the Urban Rivals website including an email address to contact the contest organisers: -

Who can enter:

• Entrants will most likely already have a career in design and would like to either expand

career experience or take on freelance work to supplement their career.

• Or very talented student or junior wanting to add to their portfolio.

How to enter:

• One character card design to be submitted via email by 30th June 2008.

• All character card designs to be emailed to [email protected]

• Formats acceptable for submission JPEG, PNG and GIF.

• Max file size for submission 500K.

• Character card design must show at least one character evolution.

• Character card design must be based on existing clans.

• Submissions must be in colour.

• All artwork submissions remain the intellectual property of the artist.

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