Silly season for Browser MMO player numbers

Silly season for Browser MMO player numbers

Septembers' update of the most-played Browser MMOs in our Top 100 MMO Charts is dominated by people enjoying sunshine and going to the beaches rather than sitting in front of the computer.

  • During holiday season there's almost no growth in player numbers. Only Pirate Storm and Goodgame Empire can notably increase their player base. Pirate Storm reaches the mark of 1M players just six months after its release in February. 
  • Accordingly there's not much going on in the overall ranking. Just like last month Ikariam is the world's most-player Browser MMO. Pirate Storm was able rank 6th, even above Forge of Empires that has been last month's gainer.
  • Because we acquired additional data we were able to correct some numbers. The soccer manager Comunio is now ranked  significantly higher as well as a few smaller titles. 

You can find all Browser MMOs that made it into the top 100 fastest-growing Browser MMOs in our Top 100 MMO Rankings section. Other rankings you will be finding there are the top 100 most-played Browser MMOs and rankings based on the amount of check ins here at mmofacts.

We're keen to see if silly season is over by the next update of our Top 100 MMO Charts in early October. If you don't want to miss the latest ranking, simply subscribe to our newsletter or follow us via RSSFacebook,Google+ or Twitter.

What are active player numbers?

Active player numbers measure the amount of unique users who logged into a certain title in the last month.

How are players numbers determined?

Active player numbers are estimated using publicly available data provided by publishers as well as data gathered by our market research partners. Allthough this numbers should generally reflect actual player numbers we cannot guarantee their accuracy.

How accurate are estimated player numbers?

We are aware that our methodology has some weaknesses. We believe that player numbers for Browser MMOs primarily offered through portals or third-party websites tend to be too low. Furthermore we don't have sufficient data for the Chinese market. We are working hard sourcing additional data in order to improve the quality of our estimates.

What's coming next?

We expect the beta test to last for about 3 to 6 months. We are planning to introduce additional active player rankings for Download and Mobile MMOs during this time as well as greater data detail. Please be aware that estimated player numbers are subject to change! As we encounter errors we will be making corrections without further notice.

We need your help!

Do you think that player numbers are wrong for a specific title? We'd love to hear your feedback! Simply drop us an email or post a comment in our support forums!

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