Swords and Spells PvP and GvG details

The launch of the mobile fantasy RPG "Swords and Spells" is just a few days away. PvP and GvG battles are - along with the compelling quests of the main story - the primary elements of "Swords and Spells".


Both single combat between two players and guild battles with up to twenty players are possible. For individual competition, the heroes simply have to look for an opponent on their level so that the battle for fame can start. Whereas for guild competition a challenge will first be declared, after which the strongest players of the guild will gather under their self-made banner and prepare for the battle. Then the fight begins: warriors from both sides look for their objectives and attack. As soon as all fighters from one faction have bitten the dust, the winner is declared.. 

So as not to hinder his struggle against evil in the story mode, the player will use up so called motivation instead of the usual health pool during those duels. This allows the heroes to proceed with the story, while testing their mettle and gaining glory in the arena where they can climb up the ranking table

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