Cthulhu Nation

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Set in 1923 against a backdrop of a world recovering from the First World War in a Lovecraftian environment, you must choose your destiny to ally yourself to an organisation known simply as The Group. This elite, secret society has been formed to defend earth from the mighty onslaught of Cthulhu and his followers. Earth is one of the few inhabited planets in the universe as yet unconquered by Cthulhu, and a struggle for the very existence of man is taking place.
As one of four Professions, you must accept the challenges and adventures thrown at you to try and help The Group maintain the balance of power. Technologically speaking, society was primitive by todays standards, so you must use all your wits and cunning, and a certain amount of gut instinct and luck to help you play the game. In your quests you will solve challenging puzzles, unravel mysterious clues and slaughter as many of Cthulhus minions as you are able!
There will be a crossroads in your life whereby you will be tempted to stray from the path of righteousness. Resist temptation and you will continue your mission in a Profession to defeat Cthulhu. Fall by the wayside and you will end up as a Cultist dark, evil creatures who have no interest in saving mankind, and who use powerful magic to attain their glory!
As your experience increases, so do your strength, concentration and various other skills until, eventually, you attain a higher status within The Group. Travel the world to amass weapons, magical powers and accessories, meet new people and allies, and kill larger and larger demons. Finally, you will start to unravel the secrets of The Group, who they are and what they are trying to do, and realise the importance of the balance of power not only on earth, but the universe as well!
Dont get too carried away though Cthulhu Nation has a way of driving you insane!

No longer available!

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