Should mage open a portal for a hacker coz he tipped 20 wow gold?

posted 10 years, 3 months ago by None

My wow gold bank account was ripped off by a hacker when I was running WOW ICC with my friends this afternoon. Coz I was using IM software to chat with them atm, so my friends followed the hacker and found him heading to stormwind city and open my guild bank, he was about to rip off my guild bank account, but failed, coz I didn’t have enough authority.


After that, he yelled in the trade channel and wanna find a portal to Dalaran by tipping 20 wow gold. I guess he must wanna get sth else since he got nothing in sw. Then my friends yelled in all channels to tell everybody, I’ve been hacked, don’t give that toon a portal. Surprisingly, a shamed mage came to him and started to open a portal for him, my friends pst him several times to stop him, but he didn’t listen. The hacker was transferred to Dalaran and got what he wanted. All my wow items, gears and mats and some of my wow gold in the bank.

I was so angry that I whispered that mage y he did it, he said the guy tipped him 20 wow gold. What a person! Can u believe it, only 20 wow gold and he will do things hurt others.

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