Kultan: The World Beyond

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The Call of Destiny

Are you a Chosen One who will fulfil your destiny and make your fortune in the newly-discovered world of Kultan? Set sail on an epic voyage of discovery and explore the lagoons, jungles, swamps, temples and volcanic islands of this vast and unknown land. Your arrival in Kultan, as a Commander, Adventurer or Mystic, marks the start of your bid to seek fame, fortune and power. With little more than the ship you’ve sailed in on, you arrive alone in a foreign world, penniless but full of hope and courage. But what will be your destiny? And what dangers lie ahead? Band together with your fellow brothers and sisters to defeat the armies of evil that threaten to overturn Kultan.

Only by following the path of your ancestors, and using their wisdom and courage, will you be able to stand up and fight against these sinister forces... or all will be lost.

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