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Build the best veterinarian clinic and heal magnificent animals!

MondoVeto is a free, open browser game in which you can create and run your own veterinarian clinic and help sick animals from all over the world. Enter a world with more than 255 magnificent animals to cure and protect. Face up missions, challanges and contests.

You start the game with a small solo practice. It is consisted of waiting room, examination room, operating room, therapy room, infirmary and pharmacy. Inside the waiting room are all animals awaiting treatment. You are able to sort them by difficulty and winnings and after that pick up the most appropriate for your level of knowledge and skills. As soon as the patient is in your practice, it is time to examine and diagnose him. Considering the symptoms and using the proper tools for diagnostics you can prescribe the right treatment - operation or medications. After a few days in your practice they are feeling better, thanks to your help. Assistants are also available to help you with your patients.

After you have successfully healed the little visitor of your practice you gain reputation, score and prestige. These are the three key factors for becoming the best vet in the world of MondoVeto.

In order to be more accurate in your diagnoses and healing the animals, you are able to improve your knowledge in the university and going through additional specializations.

When you've progressed enough in the game, there is an option to build a whole veterinary clinic or join an existing one. You can run the new hospital yourself, but it is recommended to find yourself partners, who can help you with the financial and practical aspects. It is even possible to invite two of your best friends to help you with this challenge.

Optional missions, contests and challenges are available to leverage your performance. Every time you accomplish one of them you get bonus LOL, additional assistants and prestige, awarding your efforts.

Build and run the best veterinary clinic in the world and help the animals, they really need you!

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