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You must decide! Does your heart call out for Light or does it lie in Shadow? Together with thousands of other players you play in the magical world of Xhodon. Become a Magician! Heroes, Creatures and lots of exciting adventures are awaiting you!

This fair and beautiful valley is awaiting you! Conjure the Cave of Crystals or the Breeding Pit. Your Tree of Life will initiate you into the secrets of Xhodon.

It's up to you how long the summoning of your Creatures will take. With the unique conjuration system of Xhodon you are finally the Lord of Time.

Hunt for sacred Artefacts with your Heroes and engage in skillful trading. Your Mad Eye renders many fantastic discoveries possible.

Collect powerful Items and let your Magician feel their mighty impact. Design your Magician according to your own individual preferences, exchange Pearls and communicate with thousands of other Magicians. Register now for free!

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