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Challenging other players in Arena is one of the most interesting parts of the game. When you win, you get scores as well as the thrill of being an ace. Soon there will be one more incentive for these challenges, that is, the bounty --- a reward in the form of Gold. 

You will soon find the button for claiming the bounties in Arena just like you click the Claim button in the Player Info panel to receive the everyday salary. The higher your title and your ranking in Arena, the more bounties you can get each time.

However, not all players can get the bounty. Only those that are capable of elevating their ranking to be above a certain level are eligible for the bounty, in other words, you've got to fight for it. Each eligible player can receive the bounty once per day.

The amount of the bounty will fluctuate as your ranking based on the scores in Arena changes. When you find that the amount is less than that of several minutes ago, don't report it as a bug. It's normal, because you've been beaten by other players. Your ranking drops, and thus your bounty drops.

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