Endless loading - no support staff ?

posted 14 years, 7 months ago by Fafhred
I just tried to start this game.

I already had a Gamigo account, so I logged into that start the game.
After I was asked by Firefox if I accepted to load the Java application, it started an intro in a SMALL new window (about a quarter of the size of my screen).
From there I had a few loading screen, then what appears to be an intro in an endless loop (looking at infinite space, viewpoint moving).

After about 10 minutes, I went to check their forum, technical problems, and found that this appears to be a common problem: []

There are 4 pages of it, the first one about a month and half old, and not a single reply from 'support', which can therefore be consider absent, or not to exist.

Writ off as far as I am concerned, since I already had 'absentee support' issues with Gamigo with one of their full client games.

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