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This is general description i use. You can use this review also at game details.

This review is about PokemonCraft which is the best of online Pokemon Games
I am pretty sure there are both Free MMORPG Games and Pokemon fans out there
So this is the review you are looking for
PokemonCraft is a free browser based Pokemon Online game and it can be categorized as MMORPG
This Pokemon Online game is the most respectfull one for the Pokemon trademark owners which are Nintendo, Game Freak and Creatures Inc.
Also this one is the hardest and most advanced Pokemon MMORPG game
* It is being developed by a computer engineer
* It is based on real Nintendo DS (Pokemon HG/SS, Pokemon D/P/PT) game mechanics
* It is using Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver and Pokemon Platinum games styled maps
* It has a very advanced Pokedex page where you can find many info about game
* It has very advanced anti cheating and security measures
* It have rock climbing, fishing with rods, surfing, flying, rock smash, headbutt, poke radar, radio and strength move features
* It has awesome market system which allows you buy and sell items, buy and sell Pokemon, trade Pokemon
* It has awesome integrated chat system which is developed by game admin
* It has awesome 317 different game useable avatars : Pokemon Pictures
* It has awesome 82 different Pokemon user sprites which can be used at the map screen
So much to explain but it may bore you :)
Web site address :
You can register from here :
PokemonCraft tutorial videos : Pokemon Videos
PokemonCraft official Facebook page : Pokemon Facebook

PokemonCraft official Twitter page : Pokemon Twitter
PokemonCraft English forum (only for game) : pokemon forum
PokemonCraft Turkish forum (only for game) : türkçe pokemon forum

Here some screen shots from game play ^^

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