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"The Final Frontier", "Research new technologies", "Build ships and crush your neighbours" *yawn*
Been there, done that. A space MMORPG like all the rest. To prevent you from swallowing a fly out of sheer boredom and thereby preventing the genesis of a new intelligent species (you monster!) I suggest stopping by at IceWars.
But be warned - you probably won't do more than drop by because IceWars is much too challenging for most people. Besides, you'd need something like a sense of humour, or else it would all be Greek to you. IceWarsis not so much about online time, power farming or childish flaming but primarily about team play and planning, perseverance and cleverness. Do you really know what this means? Probably not, or you'd have started playing long ago and would now be racking your brains about the smartest strategies to deprive your neighbours of their hard-earned ressources, or aboutwhose planets you should reduce to rubble in a month or two. Or, for all I care, how to keep all that trouble at arm's length; there's a lot of peaceful folks out there who just want to play cheerfully with nice guys and gals.
Incidentally, IceWars is just getting even more exciting: Game dynamics are gathering momentum, staff is busily fiddling about many minor and major improvements and the players already dream of the first wars (though they couldn't even fry a potato with their few low tech ships) or the largest empire ever. Well, some things never change.
By the way, you don't have to start looking for all that stuff like lists of buildings, researches and ships here. Players with an ounce of self-respect who are looking for a challenge check for themselves instead of getting everything predigested. And the rabbit-god knows IceWars does have enough sources to prepare for the problems of everyday life. This game by all means has more features and options for shaping your gameplay than you can explore in three rounds. If all that is too much for you you'd better start looking for a vanilla game, nice, simple and full of eyecandy where you can drudge along mindlessly and pay for it on top of all that. Yourchoice.
Oh, you've really read the whole text... IceWars also solves marriage problems. One way or the other.

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    (08/05/2008) The last Hammer strokes for our last Zeus and all the other battleships are falling down and you can clearly hear it whisper through the galaxy. Many Fights were battled, many ships have been decayed to dust and new relationships between the players were made. Meanwhile this round lasts several days and almost all players have found a home in one of the numerous alliances, but as the first structures and effective systems were made out, another sound flew to the universe, a sound of something new. More ...

  • Hello World, this is IceWars

    (06/21/2007) A lot of things are happening in the IceWars universe: New researches, new features and constantly improved balacing as well as several community projects. But now, time has come for IceWars to depart into a new world and reach new people. After the mind-blowing feedback from German-speaking community, we started to think about expanding the game and offering it to you as well. More ...

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