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You are cordially invited to join THE FAMILY in our virtual Mafia Mob. Interact with other family members, work your way up through the ranks and maybe someday - you too can become a Don. Have fun and win great prizes all for an offer you can't refuse - join for only $24.95 for a full year.

As a new member you willbecome a soldier in the crew of an existing Family. You will be guided by senior family members as you work your way up to become a lieutenant, capo, underboss and, with skill, luck and cunning, the Don of your own family.

Life is not always easy among wise guys and competition between families can be brutal. You may decide towhack someone who is threatening your position or you may be ordered to whack someone who is threatening your Family. Don't worry if this makes you queasy - you can always hire a contract hit man to do your dirty work for a fee. Also as a word to the wise, watch out for the Police Chief - he is always watching wise guys that step out of line. Some say he can be bribed to get you out of jailbut others swear bribes just get you more time and more heat.

Join today and start to play or for complete rules go to "How to Play".

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