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Travians (original title: Travianer) is the second browsergame from Travian Games. It's once again based in the existing Travian universe, giving you the choice to be a Roman, Gaul or Teuton.

The roll-playing game makes you be a single resident of the country. You can gain ressources, create items in workshops, challenge opponent guilds or other players in the arena...

The game is mainly focused on communication between the players. You can found our joing clubs (interest groups) and guilds to find support and make new friends.

No longer available!

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  • What is next from Travian?

    (03/12/2007) There are only a few months left until Travian Games releases their new masterpiece ?Travianer? for the German market. The game will be a roll-playing game set in the world of the strategy game Travian. But the name does not only stand for the expansion of their Romans, Gauls and Teutons universe, it also presents a new game concept, increasing requirements - striding away from the old limits. A sneak preview. More ...

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