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Description is a round based strategy game. Forget forms and numbers - this is not Excel. Weewar has real action on a real map. Up to 6 players can command their colorful pixel armies against each other on one of the countless maps available. And since it is all happening in the browser is perfectly suited to be played from anywhere - including the office.

Come in and wage your little wars with us...

No longer available!

More about Weewar

  • The new Weewar forums are live

    (06/15/2008) May 29th's launch of the Weewar forums went smoothly and we have seen hundreds of new posts in the first 24h alone. Seems like there was a big need and we are very happy to have adressed it. More ...

  • 30.000 users playing Wee-god

    (03/12/2008) Weewar has recently launched a massive update including the highly anticipated map editor, enabling some 30.000 players to create and share their very own maps. We have talked to Alex, one of the creators of the game. He will also shed some light on how Weewar is now fully compatible with Google's Social Graph API through the addition of XFN and MicroIDs. More ...

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