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The story of Ikariam starts on a sunny island in the Greek seas:
Industrious workers, soldiers and researchers build on their own little empire between white beaches and rocky hills.

The many thousands of players of the latest Gameforge browser game first jointly work on exploiting the raw materials of the island better, before using trade and also the help of their soldiers to grow into a glorious people.

Every clan of fighters, however dauntless, is doomed without forming alliances and making commercial agreements, without supporting other peoples and using the assistance of friends.

Ikariam shines not only with its graphics that can compare with any modern computer game, but also with a fascinating mix of trade, warfare and diplomacy.

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  • The Ancient World is Revving Up

    (05/26/2008) Don't let anybody tell you the ancient world is boring: Gameforge has passed the one million world-wide user mark with its free online game Ikariam after only eight weeks. The city-building strategy game in the tradition of 'The Settlers' got off to a dream start and is eagerly being played in thirteen countries already. Turning a vacant coastal strip into a thriving megacity is fascinating numerous online players. More ...

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